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The following are just some of the positive things that our clients are saying about us. We are pleased to find that our service is such a success and can be so beneficial to so many individuals and small business clients. How can we help you?

Alan was instrumental in helping me obtain a commercial lease and become properly zoned for a new business. These business deals can be very specific and tricky, especially if you don’t have experience, and one of the most important things is to plan ahead and know what to expect. It’s reassuring to have someone who you can trust and you know is familiar with the processes like Alan is. In the zoning process especially, it was clear that I had the right guy on my side.

One of the most important things to me in a professional relationship is good communication; Alan is someone I always hear back from in a reasonable amount of time. Dealing with issues where you need a lawyer is scary enough, knowing that you’ve got someone looking out for your best interests makes a huge difference.
– Ringo R.

Superb! I have used Natalie Klyashtorny, Esq. on numerous occasions. Her knowledge of employment law and attention to detail is second to none. Highly recommend.
– Claudine H.

Working with Alan on our first home purchase was great. He really took the time to go over each step with us including when we were making our offer, going over seller disclosures as well as warranty issues. He was always reachable via email or phone. Response time was quick. He also came to our closing and went thru each page explaining what we were signing. I recommend Alan on real estate transactions without hesitation.
– Sam A.

Success in any field requires surrounding yourself with competent partners. Nochumson P.C. should be your partner for Philadelphia real estate law. For almost a decade, we have used and continue to use Alan and his law firm. They are experts on Philadelphia real estate law and have provided us and our client base with legal support and success in resolving or litigating legal matters.
– Jordan B.

I have worked with Natalie at Nochumson P.C. for years regarding HR/employment issues. She has helped me navigate some tough issues. Her expertise has been invaluable. She is very responsive and available when I reach out to her with questions. I highly recommend Natalie!
– Rebecca W.

Alan Nochumson has represented me and my real estate firm on a variety of legal matters over the last five years, and I have been very satisfied with his service. Alan is thorough, knowledgeable and approachable. By that I mean that I can talk to him directly and openly, and get a realistic and prompt response in return. I value Alan’s advice greatly. In addition, Alan’s billing rates are very fair. My previous experience with lawyers was that I was often reluctant to call them on legal matters because of the expense for each phone call. I no longer have this worry. Without hesitation, I recommend Alan Nochumson to others in need of legal representation.
– Dan G.

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