Pete Shrier
rethinc real estate

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Pete Shrier
rethinc real estate

What does your company do?

We have a commercial real estate brokerage arm and a development arm. Through our commercial brokerage arm,  we represent office and retail tenants, landlords, and investors in the Greater Philadelphia area and beyond.

We also invest and build.  As developers, our goal is to create sharp, efficient, functional and well-designed spaces for multi-family and mixed-use properties. Our portfolio of assets utilizes smart design, carefully curated retail uses, an appreciation for the aesthetic and economic success.

How long have you been a client of Nochumson P.C.?

We have been clients for more than 6 years, but I have known Alan for 15 years.

What is the best part of being a client?

They know their craft, get what we do, and are practical in their approach. Therefore, we feel very secure with their representation and know we will achieve our goals without unnecessary obstacles.

What are your company’s plans for 2019?

We hope to continue to build the brokerage business, serving more and more Philadelphia companies and entrepreneurs.  Under our development arm, we have a handful of projects we are working through, ranging from 4-80 units and expect delivery to occur throughout this year and next.

What do you like to do when you are not at work?

I speak for my company when I say we enjoy hanging out with our families, our office dogs, traveling, watching the Sixers, photography, and experiencing Philadelphia.


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